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  Actors / Kareem Abdul Aziz

Kareem Abdul Aziz

Kareem Abdul-Aziz, the representative of the Egyptian born in Cairo in 1975, the son of director Mohammad Abdul Aziz and his uncle, filmmaker Omar Abdel Aziz and his aunt the writer and actress Samira Mhassanokhalth second writer Nawal Mustafa and his aunt's husband Emad Rashad 

Born to be a descendant of a way out and the mother of director Mohammad Abdul Aziz, the director of his uncle Omar Abdel Aziz, who are notorious Pavlamanm that left the imprint of the modern Egyptian cinema .. Predicted a future bright with the output to be the most famous film directors coming .. Accent and surprised everyone by entering another world not far from their world, but it is a special world It is a world representation which was rejected by the mother in the beginning of a hardship to be convinced of his talent and his ability to make something in front of the camera 
Chose for himself to be a form of solo, and distinguishing between Guelleh .. Chose to be Kareem Abdul-Aziz away from the mother of the director to raise the slogan will not live in the dreams of my father robe de Sophie Marceau on the way, but stresses that a dream deferred to prove himself in the world of representation

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