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Started, "Edward" his career as a singer and guitarist in the band singing a Western called "The Gypsy" and then produced the same number of music videos, before he picked up the great director Osama Fawzi and rotate in the role of the small film "I love cinema," which won several awards and participated in the stars "Lili upper" and "Mahmoud Hamida" in 2004, and then go, "Edward" in the film world to participate in several movies. 
Participated "Edward" after the film "Harem cream" and "LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY" and "Speech in Love", and "made me a criminal," and "Cickamar", and "Cairo Station," and "dreams of the young reckless," and "I'm not one of them," and the "Gang of Dr. Omar," and "Naama Bay," and "Puskas," and "Ramadan Mabrouk Abo El-Alamein," and "cabaret", and "Aldadp Doody," and "Hassan and Morcos", and "dictator", and "Black Honey", and "Aahnli and Ardilk." 
Participated "Edward" in the play "Sugar ma'am" with "Ahmed Rezk," In a number of serials such as "The Pokerschool" with the artist, "Warda", and "want to Atjoz" The series sitcom "clinic" and some radio soap such as "sweet and Alkdab" , and "Salah good", and "spiral", and "the killing of tonsil Tamer" and "Atlpini from Pope," and "Hey hey you I am."

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