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  Actors / Lotfy Labib

Lotfy Labib


Began "Lutfi Labib," his career late 10 years, while graduating from the High Institute of Dramatic Art in 1970, but enlisted for 6 years, then travel outside of Egypt for four years, led to the delay in his career, which started in 1981 taking part in the play "singer bald "and then play" hostages "in conjunction with the artist Raghda. 
Despite the small stage roles in the beginnings but "Lotfi" born in September 1938, has become a key partner in most of the films from 2000 to 2010, after great success in the film "The embassy in Architecture," which he deems himself a "good omen". 
In addition to its activities in the cinema, television and theater A "Lotfy Labib," a book titled "Battalion 26" and that when talking about his personal experience during the October War of September 1973 until February 1974, was written after the end of the October war two years later in 1975, where he was recruits in the Battalion during the war, the first battalion crossed the channel on the sixth of October and moved into the defenses of the enemy.

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