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  Actors / Ahmed Mekky

Ahmed Mekky

Began, "Ahmed Mekki" his career after graduating from the School of Cinema Department Director, where directed a number of short films such as "Japanese original," before the start of his career to bring the "seventh sense" by the artist, "Ahmed Fishawi" in 2005, a story inspired by the story of a short film directed by and already in 2003. 

Co-director, "Ahmed Mekki" the brother of the artist "Inas Mekki," and son of the Egyptian family mother and Algerian father, in the output of a number of serials such as "critical moments" and "Tamer and Shawkeyah" which, such as the role of "Haitham wasp", and soon depart star actor comedy , after Nagak remarkable achievement of personal, marked by a modern way, and use of terms in particular, spread strongly between the public serial of youth, as well as his professional career, under the "Mackie" practiced his hobby, author of rap and performance in some of his films, or individually for publication on the Internet. 
Following the submission of personal three seasons in the series, decided to "Mackie" was born in June 19, 1978 to Pauli heroic film, after the roles of short-initiated act as a "Farid" in the film "Ebn Ezz," and chose to reintroduce the role of "Haitham Dabbour" through film directed by his friend, "Ahmed soldier," and already implemented the movie "H Dabbour," and which achieved great success, began with the march of "Ahmed Mekki" stars as one of the nets in the Egyptian cinema. 
Date of Birth: May 19, 1978

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