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 News / Hammer And DiCaprio Will Wear Old-Age Makeup For Hoover

Hammer And DiCaprio Will Wear Old-Age Makeup For Hoover

Sat, 08 Jan 2011
Armie Hammer is the cast member of The Social Networkwith perhaps the least famous name, but he's experienced the same surge of career choices as all the other actors, and is getting ready to star in Clint Eastwood's biopic Hooveralongside Leonardo DiCaprio. We already know many of the exciting details about the movie, which stars DiCaprio as former FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover and Hammer as his longtime assistant and romantic partner Clyde Tolson. Judi Dench is also on board to play Hoover's mother, a casting move Hammer described to Vulture as "really perfect." 

And while they had him, Vulture also asked about how he'll handle the scope of the film, which meets Toulson and Hoover as young men but follows them through to their 70s in flash-forwards. Instead of bringing in older actors, Hoover and DiCaprio will be handling the full life cycle:

"I'm playing Toulson up to his elderly age! Makeup stuff comes within the next couple weeks. We're definitely doing a lot of wardrobe stuff right now, but the makeup stuff we haven't done yet."

Old age makeup is a huge gamble, of course-- one bad prosthetic and you've ruined the effect entirely-- but you've got to at least see it as a good omen that Hammer previously worked with David Fincher, who pioneered new aging techniques in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Yeah, sure, that's a bit of a stretch, but with everything else about Hoover looking so promising, it seems silly to focus on the one thing that might be tough to pull off. Hoover starts shooting within the next few weeks, and given Eastwood's famously fast production schedule, this sucker has "fall 2011 Oscar season" written all over it. 

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