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 News -> Haifa Wehbe: I Fast and I Start My Iftar With Dates

Haifa Wehbe: I Fast and I Start My Iftar With Dates

24 Aug 2011


After a photo shoot inspired by the holy month of Ramadan, Lebanese diva Haifa Wehbe spoke of how she is spending this month.
Haifa revealed that she is fasting just like any other Muslim and she that she loves having people at her table for iftar.
Despite her not being a professional cook, but she still enjoys inviting fellow stars from the art industry, friends and her husband, Ahmad Abou Hashima's family for iftar, where she makes sure to make non-fattening meals to avoid gaining weight.
Haifa added that when it's time for iftar, Haifa and Ahmad start with the dates and before they know they are full and they didn't even get to the main course yet!
As for the Ramadan series that she's watching, Haifa said that she likes the Egyptian series "Keed Al Nisaa" and the Turkish "Nada Al Omr", although she admitted to liking English and Arabic series more than she does the Turkish ones.
Her album "Malikat Jamal Al Kawn" will be released this coming September, and she has already shot the video for one of the songs in Italy. The album contains different styles and accents such as Lebanese, Egyptian and Khaliji


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