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 News -> Najwa Krama Premiers First 3D Video Clip

Najwa Krama Premiers First 3D Video Clip

24 Aug 2011

A new era in music media was marked on July 25th at entertainment hotspot Grand Cinemas ABC Achrafieh when Lebanese superstar Najwa Karam, Sony Entertainment and Rotana Group premiered the Middle East’s very first 3D music video.

The clip, directed by Walid Nassif using the latest 3D technology, accompanies Karam’s new single Ma Fi Nom. Attendees of the red carpet premiere, among them composer Wissam El Amir and a gathering of local celebrities, agreed that the dazzling feature was both an audiovisual and stylistic breakthrough for the talented star and paved the way for a new level of creativity in music entertainment.                     

In recent years, Grand Cinemas has played a vital role in strengthening the 3D music arena by hosting a variety of milestone events, including 3D concert features from such world-renowned acts as U2, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

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