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The Products / Electronics / Game Consoles / XBOX 360 ELITE


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Take Your Gaming to the Next Level! This Xbox 360 Elite from Microsoft delivers the most powerful gaming console, greatest game line-up, plus the next generation of on-line gaming, and amazing digital entertainment experiences all in one powerful package! The Xbox 360 Elite comes in a limited edition black case with a matching black wireless controller. This Xbox 360 Elite is fully loaded; it is unsurpassed in gaming and entertainment right out of the box! A huge 120 GB removable hard drive gives you the flexibility to download new content and save all your games without worrying about space. Be part of the action and experience the freedom of the integrated wireless controller with removable headset (supports up to four controllers)! With its built-in Ethernet port there is nothing standing in your way of the best multi-player on-line gaming experience! This bad boy not only plays games in High Definition with 720p/1080i output and full theatrical surround sound, but it can also stream digital photos and music from your computer and even play DVDs!! Just plug the Ethernet cable into your existing broadband connection and join a global community of more than two million members!

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